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SMS Marketing Software Made Easy | AI Features & Campaigns | Textvana
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Get Personal

Message Your Customers Or Staff To Their Mobile Phone

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Save Money

SMS Marketing Costs Cents & Saves You Hundreds Of Hours

Most Efficient Way To Reach Customers

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Reach More Customers

The Only Marketing With Almost 100% Opening Rate.

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What Is SMS Marketing?

Some people call it SMS marketing, short for text message marketing. Whatever you choose to call our SMS marketing software, it is the new and most effective way to market to your customers. Not only do text messages have the highest opening rate, but highly engaging with your customers. How it’s a short text message that gets sent straight to your mobile device, the customer reads it like a personal text from a family member or friend.

This not only takes email marketing pretty much out of the picture but lets you start or bring back a relationship with your clients. Send them a motivational quote on the first Monday of the month with a coupon attached. SMS Blast your staff with mass notifications of weekly schedules, monthly reports, or simply last minute emergency announcements to all personnel on your team. Or better yet, Set up an automated response with information when a specific keyword is texted to a short code ( 46789 like I’m sure you’ve seen before

SMS Marketing Statistics


Real Conversation with Your Customers

For years we have received emails either trying to sell, notify, or teach us something. Sadly, as efficient as email marketing has gotten, it still lacks the ability to communicate at a personal level. SMS marketing has brought this possibility with text messaging software.

What does that mean for me as a business owner? Well, the answer is simple, SMS marketing by far has the highest conversion rates from read-rates to click-through rates any type of marketing has ever seen. These conversion rates on an SMS message are so high because a text message is something treated personally. With more than 90% of adults in America owning a mobile phone, now is the time to establish a real relationship with your contacts. One of Textvana’s most recognized SMS marketing solution is Auto campaigns. It allows for you to set up chain replies based on a specific reply, send specific information to any mobile phone requesting the information. A good example of this is your bank account balance or

No more blasting messages to non-active email addresses or having them get sent directly to a junk folder. Our SMS marketing software creates a two-way communication between you, the sender, and the person you’re reaching out to. SMS marketing has not only made many of the responsibilities that email marketing had efficient but has changed the way businesses interact with their customers forever.

How can SMS Marketing Help Various Businesses?

9 Out Of 10 Consumers Want To Message With You

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sms marketing software for retail

Retail SMS

SMS marketing is a brilliant idea for retail stores. You can send promotions and advertise new products or exciting deals through texts. We enable you to quickly create an eye-grabbing advertisement and send it to a bunch of people in one go. You can attach a picture and get a greater response to your campaign.

SMS marketing for restuarants

Restaurant SMS 

People have to eat food every day, and it would be extremely handy to have their favorite food joint sending reservation texts, special discount offers, dinner deals and other scheme messages on a regular basis. You can now use Textvana to enlighten your audiences about the good deals that they really want to know about! Use MMS marketing to send out creative ads.

Get to them at the moment when you know is your best meal. Is it your Sunday brunch? Or your amazing pork chops that are today’s lunch special. Whichever it is, send your customers a text message enticing them to order. These are great ways to promote your restaurant that isn’t just mobile coupons. Build a relationship with your loyal customer base with our SMS marketing services for restaurants

real estate sms marketing solutions

Real Estate SMS

Allow unique keywords to be placed at each one of your properties. Use phrases like “info” and “tour” to have our SMS software send automated responses to your buyer with the exact info they wanted. All they have to do is text the phrase to a number like 41333. From there on out, you will get notified of the new lead while the potential buyer will have the property info in their hands. Not only does this allow you to trim down to only serious leads, but put a lot of time back on your hands, getting some time-consuming tasks off your back hands.

school sms marketing services

Educational institutions

Keep parents and students in the loop for any educational events, date changes in an examination, cancellations of classes or new and exciting opportunities of studying at a well-known college. Not everyone would regularly check their emails or answer phone calls, which is why it is quicker, and rather better, to send mass texts to all the numbers. We make it easier for educational institutions to keep their students informed, as well as the parents too.

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SMS Marketing Made Easy

Send From Phone

This is as mobile as marketing gets. No need for an APP, Simply Text Commands From Your Phone and the messages will arrive to your contacts within seconds. Our SMS software was made to be as versatile as possible. With simple commands like [first name] or [list:newleads] you can send a text to any list or contact you choose. This same feature that allows you to manage your SMS marketing from your phone, is the same feature that allows you to set up a text-to-screen campaign at shows or events. Many organizations use text to screen for easy voting, surveying, and raffles. It’s an interactive way to capture new contacts for your campaign lists. Mobile marketing isn’t just sending SMS blast, it is finding ways to interact with your customers at a personal level via their mobile phones.

Send SMS to phone

Send From Email

Emails are not going anywhere, we thought having the capability to use your SMS solution by sending an email would be a great feature to have.  Have drafts saved with predetermined notifications like “class is canceled tomorrow”, ready to send at a moments notice. Your habits of sending emails to your contacts doesn’t have to change if you don’t want them to. Our software will interpret the email and send out the message based on what you specified on the email. Although our  SMS marketing software is more powerful, we know emails are still powerful. We all use emails as part of our daily business operations and just because SMS is here doesn’t mean emails have to go.

Send text message from email to contacts

Send From Web

Put Your SMS Software To Full Potential with more than 50 advanced features. Send out any messages from our software’s back-end. When it is time to create a new SMS campaign simply sign in to our software from any web device. This is where you will be able to set up intelligent campaigns, adjust any lists you feel need tweaking or change auto-replies. This is the ideal way to manage your SMS marketing software. Sending from your phone is great for a quick SMS blast but using our back-end allows you to see how your campaigns are performing. Who is opening your messages, who used the mobile coupons, or who clicked on links.

Send messages from SMS software on a computer

Send With SMS API

Integrate Our Code With Your POS, Website, Or Softwares. We have the capabilities to give your developers the coding to integrate with any network you already have existing. HTML, REST, HTTP, SDK are just a few ways you can integrate our SMS API. This is one of the reasons why our SMS software is one of the best out there. It is truly a complete solution. Two-step authentication is one example of the features you can easily create with our API. Giving your clients an extra layer of protection with their user accounts. Which in turn brings more trust from their end to give you sensitive information like credit card info.

It Also works well with institutes that want to keep their customers/students information inside their database and just use or services to send the message. That is not a problem, integrate our software with your server with an encrypted connection.

send with SMS API integration to your software

Simple Ways To Use SMS Marketing

Send them a motivational quote on the first Monday of the month with a coupon attached. SMS Blast your staff with mass notifications of weekly schedules, monthly reports, or simply last minute emergency announcements to all personnel on your team. Better yet, Set up an automated response with information when a specific keyword is texted to a short code ( 46789 like I’m sure you’ve seen before)

Send Bulk SMS

Send out 100’s to 1,000’s of SMS messages with one click

Mass Notifications

If you are a school, church, or a large enterprise; have the possibility to instantly text an important message to everyone. Learn More on how to send Bulk SMS Messages.

Mobile Keyword Signup

Create Easy Opt-Ins With A Unique Number Like 41333

Market Your Keyword

From Keywords to QR Codes, you have two solutions that are used for the same purpose. The difference is that unlike QR codes, a keyword (Text “grill” to 41666) is something you can drive by and text without stopping. QR codes are good for direct mail but for street traffic, keywords are flat out amazing! Realtors and restaurants love using keywords. Check out how different types of businesses use SMS services with these kinds of keywords.

Automated Replies

Intelligent Responses based on Replies

Contact Management

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Get reports of who read the text, who clicked on the link, etc

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Some of these features that come with our SMS marketing software might seem complicated to set up, but our back-end is rated one of the most user-friendly SMS solutions in the market. When you sign up for an enterprise plan we even help you tailor make your SMS campaigns to your business needs. Our SMS API is a great fit to connect our services to a company intranet or your retail stores POS system (Point Of Sale).

SMS marketing is just another way to get in contact with your customers. The only difference between SMS and any other marketing technique is that this solution is organic and direct. Not only does the SMS message reach your audience in seconds (customers, staff, or students) but it lets you interact with them without having to personally send, respond, or follow-up. The software is automated and can be set with whatever rules you see fit. The coupons and auto-replies are just a small portion of what can be done with our features. What it boils down to is that our SMS marketing solutions are more than just advertising, instead used widely for notifications and alerts of all kinds